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I think it was my first year in my life, I became fascinated with internet. At first I needed to contact with my friends in the past by e-mail and chat. But internet is grown into so much more than that for me, as essential part of my daily life as eating and breathing. Besides that, it is whole another world to explore, countless, borderless, numberless amounts of sources, point of views and communities to explore. I found that I could see the individual faces in each homepages. It was attractive to me to have my personal creative space totally under my control, no minimum or maximum word count, except those of my own choosing. I am not one of those who can learn things faster ,but i can do hard Work and this is how I learn things. My life's Philosophy "Not anyone can become great artist but with hard work and determination greatest of artist can come from any one." So friends who are like me never be afraid of hard work always remember "Even though Woods are dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, Miles to go before I sleep, Miles to go before I sleep".
Well, my work are just begin. If you cheery, slide on each page and read what is this site all about.

~ Elisya Maranti

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Chiang Huashi, Republic of China.
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